Undergrad Research (B. tech, mechanical engineering)

  • Design of a Hydraulic regenerative braking system and manufacturing its working prototype

    We investigated the feasibility of an operational prototype of a Hydraulic Regenerative Braking (HRB) system for a four-wheeled passenger vehicle. We suggested a realistic model for HRB and studied the effect of key variables on the performance of the system. We analyzed the effects of the performance-affecting variables like braking torque, pressure developed across pump and flow rate of working fluid through the pump with time using a MATLAB/Simulink environment. Using the simulation results, we designed and built a demonstrative system of the Hydraulic regenerative Braking which can be suitably employed in a 4 wheeled passenger vehicle for effective saving of kinetic energy lost in conventional braking.

    Advisor: Prof R.K. Singh, Delhi Technological University, India

  • Developing a compressed air engine by retrofitting a small combustion engine and analyzing its performance

    Compressed air engines can serve as a greener alternate to internal combustion engines, especially if the electricity used to compress air comes from renewable sources. Such engines running con compressed air can be useful in small vehicles providing last mile transportation options in a megacity like Delhi and replacing combustion engines based Autorickshaws. We used an old combustion engine from a two wheeler scooter and retrofitted it to convert it into a compressed air engine. It could serve as a cost effective way of developing new compressed air engines from existing old engines. We also analyzed its performance under lab conditions.

    Advisor: Prof Naveen Kumar, Delhi Technological University, India